Marcia is a traditional impressionist painter with a "head-first" attitude towards the metaverse.

She has several NFT collections in OpenSea under Surfergirl Gallery and at the gallery's virtual spatial gallery.

"It's exciting how Surfergirl is helping traditional collectors and women artists like me take the plunge into the metaverse. All of our collections are commissed under a theme and phygital, so physical + digital, which is the best of both worlds I think".

"Favorite surf spots around the world" NFT collection is an early collab with digital artist Carol Murphy based off physical artwork shown during Surfergirl's "Walking On Water" art exhibit. Here the artist explores the possiblities that audio and movement offer as a means to transport the viewer into the painting set in Costa Rica, Southern California and New York's East End.

"Nosara Blue" was selected for SCOPE's immersive art display by Accelerate Art during Miami Art Basel week.

In Surfergirl's JOY exhibit the artist explores the theme with NFT artwork bursting with light and color. These physical pieces and their digital twins were also exhibited in Manhattan and Miami.

"Walking Elvis in NYC" NFT collection is a celebration of the artist, her muse Dalmatian dog Elvis and their favorite walks around their beloved home city. These series of physical paintings were re-imagined, minted and selected to be featured in the city's Art On Link program and displayed on hundreds of screens, reaching millions of New Yorkers. 

"My artwork is a portal, I paint places that I love and I want to take people there with me" Marcia says. "That's what's so exciting about new technology, I can add an immersive 3D aspect to a 2D experience if I want. Impressionism is all about tricking the eye and causing a movement effect, that's why I think my art works well on a screen, it was never meant to be static. And now anyone, anywhere can participate. As an artist that's all I want, more people being able to access and enjoy my art".

Here a glimpse at "Elvis loves Fall" a solo piece selected for display during NFT NYC. The artist and her dog cameo in the work running along the Hudson River Park.

"I always try to place Elvis in the work, he's become my signature. Sometimes I'm in it too, it's a subtle thing, a wink to the viewer that hey, we're there too, come walk with us!". 

Marcia's artworks have shown in NFT and/or digital form on screens in Milan, across New York's five boroughs, on the side of a truck during NFT NYC, and on the giant screen at SCOPE Miami.