About Marcia

Marcia is a Spanish-Californian oil on canvas modern impressionist painter living between New York City, San Francisco, Spain, and Italy.

Jerry Saltz, the acclaimed Pulitzer prize-winning art critic from New York magazine, has endorsed Marcia's art and said that he likes her "great light and touch".

Marcia's body of work is an endless collection of iconic cityspaces and beach scenes while walking her muse-dog Elvis around the world.

“I paint surf and sunsets off photos I took of places I love while walking my dog. I'm capturing the high of a magical moment, like when you find yourself surfing the perfect wave. I want to cause an effect on the viewer so that they feel like they're the one riding it". 

Marcia has exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Venice, New York City and Miami. Her art has been turned into cashmere scarves sold at luxury retailers from Hong Kong to the Hamptons. 

A critic has said that "Marcia paints on the floor and at such rapid fire, her brushtroke offers a view to an eternal New York as if seen through a speeding window cab".


Marcia grew up in Madrid which has no beach, so she took to painting the ocean as a kid as a means to treasure her summers in Encinitas and Málaga.

Marcia attended Summer school at the Madrid Royal Academy of Fine Arts but she credits most of the training to her two grandmothers who were also painters. Marcia Howell from Kansas City, and Filomena de Lorente from Vinaroz Spain: "Filo studied with Sorolla and taught me about light, Marcia gave me my first oils so I could paint her Escondido backyard".

Among her influences she cites: "I don't think I'd be a painter without Pollock, Rothko, Picasso, Van Gogh and if Monet hadn't decided to paint the sky the color of butter."‚Äč


As with most impressionistic work, Marcia's art requires to be seen in person, how it moves with the eye and fills a room. Fast brushstrokes both delicate and raw, crash and light up large canvases like a good sunset would.


“I paint to catch the life force behind everything, I believe it's God, you can call it whatever you like. As Dante said it's the thing that makes everything move and shine. I'm painting heaven, paradiso, paradise. This is important to me because I believe in art's power to alter a viewer's emotional state and their perception of reality in a physical way".


Marcia is also an advocate of women and the founder of Surfergirl Gallery, New York's first gallery for emerging women artists that doubles as a branding firm seeking to advance women and the arts. She's published a book titled ARTVERTISING on sale at Barnes & Noble.