Perry & Waverly 30" x 30" painting

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A Summer daytime scene at the corner of Perry and Waverly in the West Village, home of the artist, while walking her dog Elvis

Oil on canvas original. 30 inches x 30 inches x0.7 inches. Unframed on stretched canvas ready to hang

Shown at Surfergirl Gallery as part of "Invincible Summer"

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During the Covid lockdown in New York City, Spanish-American oil on canvas artist Marcia Lorente Howell took to painting her walks with her dog Elvis through the West Village and beyond. Inspired by memory and reality, this series captures a city coming back to life and the resilience of its people. This was part of a collection of 10 images selected by the City of New York to be displayed on thousands of screens across all 5 boroughs as part of its #ArtOnLink project. Marcia is a modern impressionist whose art has exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Miami and New York